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My Biz + Life Goals and Resolutions for 2020

2019 was probably the best year of my business and life which you probably knew if you read last weeks blog post and I am on a mission to make 2020 even better. I thought it would be fun to outline my goals and share them with you guys so at the end of this year we can look back at this post and see what I accomplish. I’m even going to tell you how much money I hope to make this year.


At the end of 2019, I made a timeline of all of the projects I have planned for 2020 and it is a lot. I am so excited to get these projects out for you guys because I truly believe the projects I am coming out within 2020 have the power to hopefully change your lives. The projects I have planned are on so many topics, and some of them might not make sense right now but at the time it launches it should make sense.

Here are the projects:

  1. Course on affiliate marketing.

  2. Course on email marketing.

  3. Course on blogging traffic.

  4. Content calendar.

  5. Planners.

  6. Journals.

  7. Merchandise.

  8. Course on creating digital products and selling them.

Many of these things won’t be coming out until the second half of the year because at some point in the middle of this year we are going to be moving so I will have way more time in the second half of the year to focus on getting this stuff out for you guys.

Things to do

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year. I am one of those people that thinks they can do anything which sometime means I bite off more than I can chew. So hopefully I end up getting all of these things accomplished in 2020.

  1. Start (restart) a podcast. In 2018 for a short while I had a podcast, I want to re-launch it with even more info now that I have learned so much more about business, blogging, and life.

  2. Start a YouTube channel. I know people learn differently, and enjoy different types of content and one of the questions I get asked the most is if I have a YouTube channel, and currently, I don’t but I would love to eventually have one, and share content with you guys in that way.

  3. Weekly emails. I love touching base with you guys and providing value to you guys regularly. One of my favorite ways to provide extra tips that I think will improve your life is by sending a weekly email. It lets me talk to you more candidly, share my real life, and share business advice that is super amazing.

  4. Speak more. I feel like having advice you don’t share is wasted potential. I have gotten a few opportunities to speak in the past and the feedback I get from those from you guys is amazing. It is a huge goal of mine to make speaking something I get to do more of. It could be podcast, conferences, or really anywhere I just want to do more of it.


I am so excited about my business and where my team is taking it. There are so many things we plan to accomplish, and are working daily on. We have 1001 little goals for 2020 so I will just outline the big ones here.

  1. Change the structure of the business. I want to reorganize our business financially and legally and figure out what business structure will benefit us the most in the long run. This is something I will have to get together with a financial advisor and lawyer and go over, but it is something I hope to have finished this year.

  2. Grow the team. 2019 was a crazy year for growth in the business and in a lot of ways we are still catching up. It made me realize how important it is to grow a team. There are many more employees that we need and hopefully after the move, and after the restructuring, we will be ready to grow the team with many new employees.

  3. Offices? Currently, everyone works remotely which works for now, but personally I don’t think there is anything better than getting together in person to accomplish things. Because we aren’t sure where we are moving yet we work from home and don’t want everyone to feel like they have to work from our house too but I think if we move and get everything organized this year I may want to get office space for the whole team to work from.

  4. New divisions. There are a lot of projects we want to come out this year but some will require we add an entirely new section to our company. So in order to launch all the things this year, we will need to add some new people and divisions to our company.


There are really only a few things planned for this year travel-wise. I have been so busy that I haven’t sat down and really planned many vacations for this year. So far this year we only have a few things I want to do or already have planned.

  1. Disney in January (we are leaving 2 days after I’m writing this)

  2. Texas? We are thinking about moving to Texas so we will probably be going in February to try an area we love.

  3. Disney in May.

Traveling is my favorite thing, even when I have to travel for work I love that too. I have a few passion projects I’m working on this year and one of them involves Disney, which is why I am going there so often this year.

I think there will be way more traveling after we move but right now it is hard to plan things because I don’t know where we will be coming or going from.


I am a vision board, goal setting, personal development junkie. So I’m always fired up to set a goal and achieve it but the beginning of the year probably even more so. This year I don’t have a ton of super-specific goals that weren’t already mentioned. I have a few silly goals that I want to achieve but aren’t at the top of my list, but I’ll leave them below so you can get an idea of the things that are on my personal radar when I’m not daydreaming about the next business-related thing I want to accomplish.

  1. A Lincoln Navigator Black Label. I am obsessed with the Lincoln Navigator. It came out right after I bought my brand new Chevy SUV last year, so I couldn’t convince myself it was worth it to trade in my brand new 2019 7 seat SUV for another brand new 7 seat SUV with a few more features, but hopefully, by the end of this year or next year, I’ll be ready to trade it in.

  2. A pool. I love our house it’s two years old it has everything I thought I wanted in a house but it turns out we don’t love living in the freezing cold midwest. I was raised in Florida and I miss the warmth, and being able to spend time by the water and outside. One of our goals this year is to move somewhere warm, and I would love for our new house to have a pool.

  3. A giant tub. If you can’t tell I love the water, being in the water or by the water is my favorite place to relax. Our current house has an amazing master bathroom but no tub. I thought it wouldn’t matter and I could just get over it because the rest of our house is great but I really miss having a big tub. It isn’t at the top of my list of needs in our next house but I sure would love if it has a tub in the master bathroom.

  4. A walk-in pantry with plugs. Do you see amazing pantries on Pinterest all the time? I feel like I see amazing organized pantries on Pinterest basically every day. We have a walk-in pantry currently and it holds everything we would ever need but If I could build my dream pantry it would have plugs. It seems like every year we are adding a new kitchen appliance to our home. Now we have single-serve coffee markers, small and large Crock-Pots, instant pots, air fryers, a Ninja Foodi, a toaster, a waffle iron, a milk frother, a kitchen aid mixer, and we are so blessed to have all these things (my husband loves to cook) but I would love a place to have them all plugged in behind a pantry door so they aren’t cluttering my counters. So maybe one day we can have my dream pantry with plugs and a large counter for all the appliances.

  5. A book! I love to write, and eventually, my biggest dream would be to write a book. I already know what it’s going to be about and in my mind, it is a personal development book. I don’t want to give it away but it is so good, and I’ve already started writing it but I would love to get a book deal and not just self publish a book. So hopefully in the next few years, I get a book deal and finish this darn book. If not this is going to be the best self-published book you’ve ever read!

  6. Kids? I have always wanted to be a mom and it was the whole reason I originally wanted to be a nurse was to work with kids, and get to be home 3 days a week instead of 2 so I could see my hypothetical children more. My husband and I have been married for like 5 years now and before when I pictured my life I would have thought I would have like 3 kids by now, but we don’t have any and maybe that will change within the next few years. We wanted to be settled first and make sure the company can run without me working 24/7, and hopefully, both those things can happen in the not so distant future.


I set big financial goals because for me they are a huge motivation to keep going. Plus, as an entrepreneur, it serves as a good way to measure growth. Last year we more than met our financial goals so this year I have decided to set my biggest financial goal ever.

  • $1,000,000 in revenue. It isn’t my goal to bring home a million dollars this year but I would love for the company to at least bring in $1,000,000 in revenue.

Truly that is my only financial goal for the business I have a few personal financial goals but they would all easily be accomplished if we grow the companies revenue to $1,000,000 or more this year.

I can’t wait to check in with you guys

That is really all of my goals for this year, I feel like I’m still in that new year bliss where I’m convinced I am going to accomplish all of these goals and I’m still super motivated. Hopefully, it doesn’t wear off.

I can’t wait to check back in with you guys maybe in the middle of the year, or the end of the year and see what I actually accomplish this year.

If you have any big goals you want to accomplish this year share them below then hopefully we can both look back at this post and the end of the year and see that we accomplished everything we set out to.

Have a great day, week, and year!

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  1. Abigail says:

    Love it! So excited to follow along and see what you achieve this year! I started my blog with your course about 6 months ago and am loving it!
    P.S. Move to Texas it’s amazing! I’m originally from there and had to move when I got married, but I’m hoping to get back soon! It’s a great place to plant roots and raise a family!

  2. Mary Hackney says:

    My 2020 goals are to complete my 30 days to blog and my pin it perfect and my Pinterest VA classes. Then to put them to use and start making some extra income to help my aging mother.

    My other goals is to complete my new home build and get moved in by May 2020. I also have scheduled to take my Medical coding test on March 7, 2020.

    My very personal goal is to take more control with my depression and anxiety attacks and to also cook healthier and lose some weight.

    Cheers to setting goals and reaching them making us stronger and self confident!


  3. My goal is to start your 30 blog course this weekend, finish, start the blog, grow it and eventually be full-time. I want to make $9K a month from my blog by the end of the year.

    I want to lose 40lbs and have more energy, get off my blood pressure medication for good.

    Meet the man of my dreams and get engaged.

    Travel to Europe, Bali and NYC

    I want to

  4. Jessica Alvarez says:

    Hi Taylor! Hopefully you are able to move to Dallas so I can have the honor to meet you in person and learn more about blogging! I recently joined your blog and I am already loving it. I hope you are able to accomplish your set goals and even MORE!
    My 2020 Goals are the following:
    Spend 1 hour of me time every day (whether this is working out, praying, cooking, reading, meditating, or even a long, hot shower)
    Learning how to cook a healthier meal once a week
    Working out 2x a week (baby steps) and then eventually making a habit out of it
    Becoming a mentor at Big Brother Big Sisters (sent in my application yesterday)
    Giving back to the community / family (whether it’s feeding the homeless, giving to charity, etc. – I’ve already set a separate account for these expenses)
    Scoring a great score for the LSAT and applying to Law School.
    Learning and Starting to Blog

    Of course, more goals will come as the year goes by, but so far these are the first that have been set. Hopefully we are all able to accomplish our goals. 🙂

  5. Hi Taylor!
    Not sure where you are thinking about moving in Texas but I have been in Austin for about 15 years and looooove it. It’s growing like crazy and there is tons to do. It still has a pretty chill vibe though and people are really nice. Lots of great restaurants and lots of water. If you have never been here, there is a river (we call it a lake) that runs through downtown. There is a trail that runs around the lake that is awesome to walk, run or bike on (or walk fur babies if you have them :).

    My goals for 2020
    Build my Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and Pintrest following
    I don’t have set numbers in mind. Rather I am going with the flow and seeing where it takes me. I am an intuitive healer and have been doing it for 14 years. Just now putting it all out there and having a blast.

    Implement the courses I have purchased – 2 from you!!
    I have been course collecting. HA! I started a blog before I got your course and am now working through your course to learn how to monetize it. I also got pin it perfect and have been through it. Love it! Going to go back through and start implementing everything there as well.

    Moving into a house!!
    Life has been crazy for the past couple of years and we have been in an apartment. Sooo over it!! If I have to carry one more box from Costco up the stairs…seriously.

    Start getting things together to launch online courses
    Super excited about this! I have a ton of content to share and am getting organized this year so I can start helping people move through their stuff!!

    Starting a product brand
    I make bath salts and am working on getting that going in a streamlined way so I can start marketing it.

    So, these goals may be a little loose, but I love them. Looking forward to a great year and hope to see you in Austin!!

    • autumn rogers says:

      I am on a very similar path to many of the things you have stated. I still live with my mom and her boyfriend in an apartment which isn’t exactly ideal. I am interested in doing resin projects, soaps, and candles but it is hard to do in an area that is not very well ventilated. No matter the goals you have set, striving to achieve them is one of the most important steps you can take. Good luck!

  6. breanne says:

    I love the pool too. Water is just so relaxing!! Our dream house I want a pool. I love your goals and cant wait to see what your working with Disney about. Disney is my favorite. We love everything Disney and wish we had money to go more often. Really my goal is to stop just thinking about a blog and being scared to just do. I have done more in the last 60 days then I have in the last 3 since I purchased my domain name. I have a few other goals but my main one is making some money with blogging.

  7. Rebekah Joan says:

    I love this post! Reach for the stars, girl. I’d LOVE to have a walk-in pantry, too! That would be amazing.

  8. Carrie Duff says:

    I am so excited to be reading all of your amazing, encouraging information! Thank you for sharing, caring and supporting those of us who always wanted to know how to blog!

    After 30 years owning a successful special events and weddings business, I retired. I want to share my love of the business with those starting out.

    Thank you again!

    Kindest regards,

    Carrie Duff

    • autumn says:

      I am in my early 20’s and am very interested in one day becoming an event coordinator. I need to get some entry-level experience down just to learn some basics in my early adulthood before I can fully take on something like this on my own. I would like to create my own blog and am just now starting to do research on how to make this possible. If you have a blog, you should leave the website here in the comments so other people can check it out for you and possibly get inspiration!

  9. Tammy says:

    Hi Taylor

    WOW… are such an inspiration to anyone wanting to launch their own blog!! Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but didn’t know how. Thank you for basically taking the time to give step by step information. Keep living your dream and appreciate every moment of the life you’ve been given.


  10. Alexis says:

    Hi Taylor!

    I have been slowly researching into blogging and you have been my biggest inspiration so far! Plus finding out we live in the same area is a add bonus! Hi neighbor! I just purchased the one month course you are offering and I cannot wait to get started. I would love to be where you are at one day! Maybe I will or maybe I have a blog as a hobby 🙂


  11. Kiara says:

    You are very beautiful and I look forward to learning from your courses!


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