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My Dream Vacation.

It’s the middle of the year where every day feels the same so I’ve decided to add a fun new series to my blog about travel, the future, and everyday life.

I’ve also decided to start posting more of that stuff on my Snapchat and Instagram stories so check in there for daily updates from me!

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I’ve decided to start off this new blog series by talking about what my dream vacation would be.

Now you might be wondering why am I writing a blog post about what my dream vacation is but, recently I got sucked into watching a bunch of YouTube videos about what people would buy if they had tons of money.

The videos were showing what was in their dream online shopping cart from places like Sephora, Ulta, or some other fancy store.

I’m not really one for makeup, or fancy stores so I thought it would be fun to put a blogging twist on it and write a blog post about what vacation I would go on if I could go on any vacation in the world.

I also think that vacations are a fun thing to think about currently when I’m not going on any vacations at all.

So what is my dream vacation?

A Disney Cruise, but not just any Disney Cruise… an Alaskan Disney Cruise!

I love Disney and I love the outdoors, and typically my favorite vacations are Disney World, the mountains (AKA somewhere that I can stay in a cozy cabin), camping, or going to a relaxing beach to just chill.

Which is what makes me think that a Disney Alaska Cruise would be the ultimate dream vacation.

Why do I think that would be the best vacation ever?

There are a ton reasons that a think that this would be the best vacation but I’m going to try and break it down without making this blog post too long.

The Cozy Factor

The first reason I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise is the cozy factor. There is nothing I love more than feeling relaxed and cozy I feel like on the balcony of my room in a blanket, with hot coffee, just taking in the views of this cruise would be a dream come true.

The Views

This goes hand in hand with the cozy factor but without even getting off the ship the views of Canada and Alaska would be some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Growing up in Florida and spending the last five years in Nebraska I haven’t spent too much time around the mountains, or snow and I think being able to experience both on a cruise would be magic.

The Disney Touch

I love Disney. I love the food, I love the atmosphere and the magic. I also love the mountains and camping so I think that taking a Cruise sounds like such a dream so taking a Disney Alaska Cruise is the true ultimate dream.

So what details would I pick?

The fun part of thinking about a dream vacation is picking the details you would want if you could actually go on this vacation.

So here are the accommodations I would pick if I could pick any.

The Room

This is my dream vacation so I would definitely want an oceanview Verandah so I could sit on the balcony and take in the views and drink my coffee.

The Excursions

If there was a way to go on every excursion I would. I feel like I’m going to have to go on multiple Alaska cruises to do all of the excursions I would go on but here are the few that I really want to go on:

  • Glacier Seaplane Exploration
  • ATV Expedition
  • Dog Sledding Adventure
  • Glacier & Whale Photo Safari
  • Black Bear Exploration

The Food

If you watch, listen to, or read any Disney content, you’ve probably heard people talk about Palo, and Remy on Disney Cruises.

Alaska cruises are all on The Wonder and they only have Palo and If I was on my dream vacation I would totally want to try Palo at dinner and brunch based on everyone’s reviews.


Just talking about my dream vacation has me itching to plan a vacation. It is so much fun to plan a vacation even if you can’t go on it right now. So if you are feeling bored, or down I highly recommend planning or thinking about what vacation you would go on if you could go on.

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