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I started this blog to share my real life with complete strangers in an attempt to find happiness and build a life I loved. While at the same time trying to prove to myself and other people that we are capable and worthy of a great life. 

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My Biz + Life Goals and Resolutions for 2021

Wow. What a year 2020 has been. Let’s hope that 2021 is better than 2020 right? Every year for the past few years I have been sharing my goals for the upcoming year and this year is no different. All of 2020 felt weird and unknown and I’m excited to be setting 2021 goals so that I have something to look forward to, and something to motivate me.

I hope your 2020 was as good as it could be and that your 2021 is even better.


Let’s start with the thing I missed the most in 2020 traveling! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and not being able to travel in 2020 was no fun! Currently, I don’t have anything booked for 2021 but these are trips I’d love to take:

  1. Hawaii (Again) – I loved Hawaii in October 2019 and I’d love to go again. I’d love to bring friends/family this time to have someone to go on excursions with.
  2. Disney (Again) – I went in January 2020 and LOVED it. I live in Florida now but that doesn’t change that staying at Disney is just more magical than going for the day. I’d love to go to Disney for a week in February for my birthday.
  3. A Cabin – I love the mountains and after 2020 I’d love to rent a cabin in the mountains somewhere for a week just to hang out, sit in the hot tub, play board games and enjoy the view.
  4. A cruise – Will cruising be a thing in 2021? I hope so! I’d love to go on a cruise. I’ve never been but I always heard great things from the people I know who have been on cruises.


I had a lot of time in 2020 to daydream about what I want my life to look like. After all my daydreaming, Pinterest pinning, and vision board making here are my personal goals for 2021.

  1. A brand new house! I have been daydreaming about buying a house since I was 12 watching HGTV with my mom. I’ve always been into home decor and houses. I’ve been looking at dream homes on Zillow since I was like 17. I’m currently in the process of building my *dream house* which should be done in April/May (fingers crossed). In 2021 I want to successfully close and move into the new house.
  2. An Engagement? If you know me personally you know that I’ve been married but I never got proposed to and I never had a wedding. It’s a complicated story that maybe I’ll share one day (if you guys want the story leave a comment below!). But I’ve realized an engagement is important to me. I’m the girl who’s been dreaming of an engagement (and an engagement ring 😍) since I was a little girl. I could skip the wedding part, but I would love to get properly proposed to in 2021 so that I could have that memory and story to tell my future babies.
  3. The office of my dreams. I love my job (duh!) and there is nothing I want more (okay other than a house, proposal, and babies) than an office I want to go to work in every day. In the house I’m currently building there is a huge loft. In 2021 I want to turn that loft into my dream office so I have a place to work that I love.
  4. Balance & Routine. I work (a lot) because I’m the manager, marketer, designer, accountant, and project manager of my business. If you didn’t know on top of my lifestyle blog (that you’re on right now) I also have a business/marketing blog & marketing agency that helps small business owners learn how to grow and market their businesses themselves. I have spent the past 5 years of my life working like crazy to build all three businesses to where they are now and I realize I can’t work this many hours forever. If I ever want to be the best version of myself (or a mom) I can’t spend every hour the day working. In 2021 I want to have a better work-life balance and routine. I want to take time to relax, workout, and travel.


I’ve got two big goals for 2021 when it comes to busienss.

  1. Grow the team. I don’t want to do this alone anymore! There are a few people in my life that I’d love to hire (and hopefully after I close on my house that will be a thing I can do). I feel like if I had a team of good employees we’d be able to grow this business.
  2. Let’s get physical! For a long time now I have dreamed about getting into the physical product business. AKA I want to sell journals, planners, and merch. I have ideas (that I think are great lol!) and I want you guys to have them in your hands. Hopefully, I can find the time in 2021 to make this goal a reality.


I’m pretty sure I’ve set the same financial goal for the past few years and that’s probably because I keep not hitting it (just being honest). In 2020 I came the closest I’ve ever come (which is a good sign) so hopefully, in 2021 this can be a reality! My financial goal for 2021 is:

  • $1,000,000 in revenue. My goal isn’t to bring home a million dollars this year but I would love for the company to at least bring in $1,000,000 in revenue before expenses.


Each year I set content goals for the ways I want to show up for you guys in the coming year. In 2021 I want to

  1. Start (restart) a podcast. In 2018 for a short while I had a podcast, I want to re-launch it with even more info now that I have learned so much more about business, blogging, and life.
  2. Start making video content. I know people learn differently, and enjoy different types of content and one of the questions I get asked the most is if I have a YouTube channel, and currently, I don’t but I would love to eventually have one, and share content with you guys in that way.
  3. Weekly emails. I love touching base with you guys and providing value to you guys regularly. One of my favorite ways to provide extra tips that I think will improve your life is by sending a weekly email. It lets me talk to you more candidly, share my real life, and share business advice that is super amazing.


It wouldn’t be a yearly goal-setting blog post with me If I didn’t share a bunch of the projects that I want to do in the coming year. 2020 took me for surprise though so most of my project goals for 2021 are the same as 2020.

Here are the projects:

  1. Course on affiliate marketing.
  2. Course on email marketing.
  3. Course on blogging traffic.
  4. Planners.
  5. Journals.
  6. Merchandise.

I can’t wait to check in with you guys

That is really all of my goals for this year. I’m convinced I am going to accomplish all of these goals this year as always, but hopefully this year I really do.

I can’t wait to check back in with you guys maybe in the middle of the year, or the end of the year and see what I actually accomplish this year.

If you have any big goals you want to accomplish this year share them below then hopefully we can both look back at this post and the end of the year and see that we accomplished everything we set out to.

Have a great day, week, and year!

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