I got married right out of high school to my sweet red headed husband and we headed off to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  We were dirt poor despite both working as much as we could while going to school. Which meant we had to take out student loans to pay for school. 

It didn't take me long to realize I wasn't cut out for nursing, and that I hated nursing school. I'm literally afraid of blood, needles, and any bodily fluid. I was going to go through with it anyway because I felt like I had to.

Then end of my first year of nursing school when signing up for classes for the following year I decided to take a peak into my student loan portal. I was shocked to see between my husband and I we had already accumulated $50,000 of student loan debt. 

Cue the start of my quarter life crisis. I realized that we were dirt poor and living a life we hate now, and even after forcing myself to go through nursing school (which I hated) we were still going to be dirt poor and living a life we hated for many years before life would finally be "good".

I couldn't do it. I couldn't live the next decade plus of my life being miserable so I set out to find another way.


I didn't know I could actually go from food stamps to                       

Hey, I'm Taylor!


Read every recommended business book, listened to every business podcast, and watched every motivating business video on the internet.

Took every course on digital marketing, and blogging I could afford.

Went back to school for digital marketing and business.

Once i started my blog I wasn't successful right away. I was lost. I had no clue what I was doing, or how to make my blog make money. But since I really didn't want to be a nurse I really wanted to make this work. I made a promise to myself that If I figured this out I would help people so no one would have to struggle like I was. Then I did the work.

To my surprise I wasn't successful overnight.

I came across a pin on Pinterest about how this blogger was making $10,000 a month from home blogging. It seemed perfect.

I wouldn't have to push myself too far out of my comfort zone, I wouldn't have to develop a physical product, I wouldn't have share too much of myself online, and most importantly it wasn't a big investment to start.

So even though I had only owned a laptop for four short months at that time I decided to jump in and start a blog.

Blogging was perfect. Not too public.  Not expensive to start. No income limit.

Then I found blogging.

but none felt right. 

For days I researched ways I could run my own online business. I thought about Etsy, YouTube, drop shipping, Instagram, transcribing audio, and even doing surveys.

xo, Taylor

So that's my goal now! To share the strategies I developed over the past 6 years that have allowed me to make 7 figures blogging so It won't take you 3 years of business school, courses, and trial and error before you get to the life and blog you're dreaming of.

Life is short we shouldn't waste it by hating every second of our life and job. 

I hope this blog helps you build the blog, business, and life of your dreams.

Then I had a promise to keep. I promised myself once I finally figured it out I would share. No gatekeeping here!

And you guessed it.  It paid off! after three years of dedication I had OFFICIALLY built a six-figure blog.


the life I get to live because I pursued a dream.

most grateful for

University of Nebraska Lincoln


Cold brew with white mocha & cream.

drink of choice

Walt Disney World

fave vacay

Bridgerton, Gilmore Girls, & Jane The Virgin

netflix binge

caveat: If holiday drinks are out. I'm getting a holiday drink instead.


White Escalade

Dream car

was Nebraska, but now it's Florida!

home state

have a baby, write a book, build a custom home,

biggest goals

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

fave quote

A Peek Into My Life Offline


My sweet husband who was nothing but supportive of me throwing our life plans out the window to start a blog.

sweetest husband

In 2018 our family started fostering these sweet little cats. We got a little too attached and had to adopt them. 

Cute little critters

In fall of 2020 because of my blog we were able to build our first home.

dream come true

Call me a Disney Adult if that floats your boat but If you can't find me. Check Disney World.

my happy place

Welcome friend! I'm your energetic biz bestie. Pull up a seat and stay for awhile.

xo, Taylor