hey there,

Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you're here. I figured we should probably get to know each other now. 

I'm just your average small town girl. In 2016 during nursing school I started a blog that changed my life.

I'm Taylor Stanford.

Majors I've had since I started blogging.

To my surprise a few months in I started making a little bit of money and that was enough to motivate me to keep going. I also realized marketing and business was way more interesting to me than nursing so I changed my major to marketing. After 10 months after I started in February of 2017 I could afford to quit my job so I did just that. 4 years in I started a second blog dedicated to helping small business owners and bloggers learn digital marketing in an affordable way so they can grow their businesses. So now I run this lifestyle blog & I also run that blog. Here on this blog we talk about home decor, style, travel, and everyday life.

Lincoln, Nebraska have you ever been there? That's where I was going to nursing school (AKA The University of Nebraska- Lincoln (go Huskers!)) when I decided to give blogging a try. Going to school where I didn't know anyone was lonely, and the student loan debt was accumulating quickly so, I thought maybe it could be my outlet & a side income. It was 2016 and I really wanted to start a YouTube channel but I wasn't confident enough so blogging was my compromise. I was worried that blogs were "dead" and It would never be successful but I gave it a try anyway.


years since I started in 2016.


Cities that I've blogged from.


of amazing people I've met in the process.


This or That







Raising canes


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Let's go through the years together.

Want to take a stroll down memory lane with me?


• Nursing student at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.
• Poor living in a super dated one bedroom apartment on an air mattress.
• Hated myself, my body, and life in general.
• Wanted to be a YouTuber but lacked the self-confidence.


• Changed my major to marketing.
• Moved from a one bed room apartment to a house.


• Got two cute little kittens.


• Got to start traveling on dream trips.
• Started feeling confident / free to be myself.


• Started a second blog to help small businesses learn digital marketing.
• Dedicated all my time to helping small businesses and bloggers make it 
   through the pandemic.
• Moved from Lincoln, NE (I miss it dearly) to Orlando, FL to live somewhere
   warm year round.


• Rebranded my lifestyle blog to be more vulnerable, real, and hopefully help everyday people realize they are worthy and capable of achieving a life they dream of.
• Building a house here in sunny & humid (too humid if you ask me) Florida.